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The Gladiator – Short Story

Agrippina Meridius was standing in the shadow of one of the large arch ways that led into the empty market square; it still smelled of chickens. Of course it was empty. Any sensible Roman was in-doors at this time of night.

She felt a chill, despite the warm night air, and pulled her cloak tighter around her. Well, maybe not completely empty; there was the odd hooded figure shuffling along in the shadows across the square. They were making just as much effort to not notice anyone else as they did at not being noticed themselves it seemed.

She was waiting for the senator Titus, who had been the one that had arranged all this. He had told her to come alone and tell no one, not even her most trusted slaves, that she was coming here to meet him. It didn’t sit well with her, but after all he had done for her and her family, if she couldn’t trust him, then she might as well give up now.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a cloaked figure and pressed herself up against the wall, as flat as she could.

“Agrippina, is that you?” the figure whispered with a familiar voice.

“Titus,” she said in a whisper, exhaling. She hadn’t realised she had been holding her breath.

With one hand, the figure pulled his hood back and extended the other hand to her. “Of course it is. No other woman could make the shadows look as beautiful,” he said. She could hear the smile in his voice.

She took his out-stretched hand and couldn’t stop herself from smiling. “You always know what to say to bring a smile, Titus.”

“Years of buttering up all the other senators, my dear,” Titus said. Holding her hand, he lead her out of the shadow of the arch and headed down the street.

“I’m not so sure about this idea of yours, Titus. Are you sure this is the best way to protect the family’s wealth?” Agrippina asked quietly. The smooth stone of the road felt rough on her bare feet.

“Well, there is no one else to give an heir to the Meridius wealth. And your husband is unlikely to aid you in that regard, as sick as he is,” Titus said, giving her a sidelong glance. He looked about the street as he lead her further down the road. “I’m afraid you will have to secure an heir by other… means.”

Agrippina suddenly realised where they were headed.

The arena.

She had attended the games today with Titus, and had watched gladiators from various houses compete in the games. No wonder Titus had pressed her with questions about which ones were the most handsome; it all made sense now.

“Having a son will help ensure that the other families wont be able to get a hold of your family’s fortunes so easily,” he said as they continued down the street.

It’s a good thing that it was dark out in the street, she was spared the embarrassment of Titus seeing the grin on her face or the colour in her cheeks at the thought of one of those gladiators…

“Why don’t we just wait for Gius to get better and then I can give him an heir?” she asked. She squashed her previous thoughts and quickened her pace to keep up with Titus.

“My dear, I fear that if you have not gotten with child in the few years you have been married, then he might not be able to fulfil the task.” He didn’t need to tell her that he thought that her husband might never recover, she knew that without him saying it. “On the other hand, I’m sure with your beauty and wealth, that you will find it hard to keep other men away from both of those, with no heir after he is gone.”

They came to a corner and stopped. He turned to face her briefly and raised a finger to his lips to signal her to be quiet. She felt the butterflies flying around in her stomach.

They both remained silent as they slipped down the street, towards the large gate of the arena at the other end of the street. There were torches burning on either side of the gate, illuminating an otherwise dark street. Two legionnaires stood either side of the entrance; spear in one hand, shield in the other.

The two soldiers tensed slightly as they approached. They relaxed as Titus stepped into the light of the torches. Titus gave the soldiers a quiet nod and they both nodded back, letting both of them pass.

Agrippina clutched her cloak around herself more tightly, staying as close behind Titus as she could. “Can’t we just double the guard on the villa to keep the others away?” she asked in a quiet whisper.

“Guardsmen will certainly protect you from your enemies. But in this city, my dear, they wont protect you from your friends,” he whispered back, just as quietly.

She frowned at the thoughts that entered her head with that. It was a tricky situation, protecting oneself from friends in this city.

The halls that Titus lead her down were built underneath the arena to hold gladiators and other spectacles before they were let loose in the arena. The air was warmer down here, and damper. The sand was soft beneath her feet, making their footsteps almost silent.

Titus slowed down and leaned closer to her. “Remember to climax, my dear,” he told her in a matter of fact way.

That made her blush. The old man talking of her pleasure like it was a wine he was recommending. “I assure you that hasn’t slipped my mind, Titus,” she said.

“Well, you have the best chance of getting with child if you do,” Titus said. He gave her a grandfatherly smile as he lead her down the corridor.

He took a left turn at the first junction. In front of them was an armoured legionnaire with no spear or shield, just wearing a gladius at his side.

“I trust the Gaul is oiled and ready, Markus?”

“Yes, senator,” the soldier said respectfully. His hand went to the bundle of keys at his waist. He selected a key and unlocked the door, pushing it open. “Just as you requested.” This didn’t seem to be anything much out of the ordinary to him.

“Climax,” Titus whispered in her ear again as he pulled her toward the door, ushering her inside.

The door closed loudly behind her in the quiet dungeon, making her jumping slightly. She could feel someone looking at her.

The butterflies were turning summer-salts in her stomach now. She swallowed hard. The room was still too dark and she couldn’t see anything yet. The shafts of moon light coming in from the small windows high up cast the rest of the dungeon into darkness.

Agrippina’s heart was racing and she was breathing quicker. She couldn’t tell if it was from excitement or anxiety, or both. The cell smelled of blood and sand. And sweaty men. Not an unpleasant smell.

Her eyes were becoming adjusted to the darkness in the cell. She could make out a large man sitting on the bed and leaning against the wall in the far corner. He had one foot up on the bed and the other hanging over the side. One of his large arms were resting on his knee. He was wearing only a loin cloth.

She had felt his eyes on her since the door opened. She wanted to drop her cloak, but her hands were frozen, holding it tightly around her still.

He stirred, leaning forward on the bed and stood up slowly. She felt herself get ready to move back slightly. She had been longing for a man’s touch for months now, but, this man was huge. Bigger by far than any man she had ever lay with before.

He started to move toward her slowly, walking through the shafts of light from the windows. She could could see his muscular arms and chest glisten in the moonlight as he moved closer to her. His musky smell got stronger as he got closer.

When his face was illuminated, she could see the smile on his face. This was the gladiator that had bested six gladiators at once, one of this city’s finest. His sparkling blue eyes were moving closer still.

She had hardly expected him to look so handsome close up, even though it was so dark in the room, allowing her imagination to do most of the work.

She tried to say something, but nothing came out, her mouth was too dry. She cleared her throat, breaking the silence and getting some moisture back into her mouth. “C-can you speak Latin?” she asked.

He nodded, still moving toward her slowly. “A little,” he said.

What was he grinning like that at her for? The butterflies in her stomach were starting to turn to something warmer.

Her back hit the wall behind her and she jumped a little. She made a tiny squeak when she touched it. She hadn’t noticed that she was backing up as he approached. There was no where to go now.

The gladiator chuckled quietly, still coming towards her.

Her eyes were locked on his. She hadn’t been able to look away since getting sight of them. He was so close now.

He stopped, his face was only inches from hers.

He leaned his arm against the wall, making her shuffle away from him slightly, towards the corner of the cell. He followed, staying close enough for her to feel the warmth coming from his body, but not quite touching her.

His other hand brushed some stray hair out of her face. She finally broke her gaze with his, following his hand, and then her eyes wandered over his muscular body. She could feel his eyes doing likewise to her body.

She realised that she had let go of the cloak and it was opened slightly. She grabbed it quickly and held it closed again, her cheeks colouring.

His hand went to her cloak, pulling it open, gently but firmly. “Take off?” he said with an accent. She gasped when his fingertips brushed against her skin, giving her a surprise.

“Uh, yes, when… I… Uh…” she stammered, grabbing the side of her cloak he was trying to push open and pulling it back around her, sliding the cloak more off her opposite shoulder.

He grinned as he put his hand under the side of her cloak that was almost falling off and pushed it aside further. She tried to shrug the cloak back on to her shoulder, but all that did was help the cloak fall off her other shoulder. She could feel the cool air against her skin as her cloak slid further off her shoulder.

He put his hand underneath her cloak, cupping one of her breasts and caressing it gently. The fire inside her was building as he brushed her breasts with his fingers as he squeezed and rolled her nipple between her fingers. She couldn’t help but wriggle her toes. She had to struggle to suppress a moan.

The top part of her cloak had come off both of her shoulders now, only being held up by her hands, whose grip was weakening, moment by moment. He stopped leaning against the wall, and used his now free hand to grab her cloak and slowly pull it out of her grip. He edged closer to her, pushing her further into the corner with his body.

She let go of her cloak to put her hands out against his chest to push him back, instinctively. He pinned her against the corner of the cell, his hips pinning hers to the wall, as the cloak slid off her body. Her arms were still covering her otherwise naked breasts, but the rest of her was now completely naked and vulnerable.

Her armour was gone; she had been wearing nothing beneath that cloak. That armour had been about as effective as his opponents armour in the arena.

Now it was just his warm, almost naked, body pressing against her completely naked one. The feel of his muscular chest was not helping her resist his advances. This man could do anything with her that he wanted at the moment; and she probably wouldn’t complain very much at all.

He cupped both of her breasts in his hands, pushing her back into the wall. He played with her breasts then tickled his fingertips across her ribs and down her stomach. She tipped her head back and gasped as she felt his fingers go straight towards her pussy. She grabbed his wrist with both hands in an attempt to pull his fingers away from her most sensitive area. It was useless, her hands did not even fit all the way around his wrist.

“Oh Jupiter,” she panted. She gasped again as she felt his large, rough finger slide inside her.

“Jupiter no good to you now,” he whispered to her. His face only inches away from hers, still grinning broadly.

The warmth that was growing inside her caught alight, turning into a fire. Her hands were no long pushing his wrists away, she was pulling it towards her. The more he showed power over her, the hotter the fire inside her got. Her wetness covered his fingers. This man could do what ever he wanted with her; and was going to do what ever he wanted with her. She was at his mercy entirely, and that excited her.

He pressed her harder against the wall, pushing the air out of her and lifting her up so her feet were no longer on the sandy floor of the cell. He slid another finger inside her. His hand dripped with her wetness.

“Oh… fuck,” she panted.

“Yes. Fuck,” he said with a low chuckle. He pressed his lips to her neck, biting and kissing her.

What was that poking into her side?

It was huge.

Surely they confiscated his sword after he left the arena.

No, that wasn’t his sword.

“Juno’s cunt,” she gasped quietly. She took one hand off his wrist and put it on the bulge in his loincloth that was pressing into her. It was as hard as steel. And bigger than any she had felt before.

His hips thrust, sliding his large manhood back and forth in her grip. His other hand left her breast and unwrapped his loincloth from around his waist. It fell to the floor.

It was huge, much bigger than she had ever seen on a man before, much less felt in her hands.

She was beginning to rethink this whole idea. “Wait,” she panted, looking into his eyes and placing a hand on his chest as if to stop him like that. “You won’t fit,” she said breathlessly.

He moved a finger around in her pussy. She tried to stop herself from groaning by biting her lip, but it didn’t work. Her hips pushed back against his fingers, and he grinned at her.

“It fit,” he told her quietly. “It been in tighter before,” he chuckled.

Her cheeks felt like they were on fire and she averted her eyes from his. Maybe she should have brought herself the hairbrush with the smaller handle instead. She was brought back into the moment when she heard him growl and move his mouth back to her neck.

He sucked and kissed her neck. Then she felt his teeth take hold. A shiver went down her spine and she inhaled sharply; was this savage going to bite her? His teeth dug in and he pulled back, letting her flesh slide out from between them, scraping over his teeth, his fingers moved inside her, curling slightly.

“Oh,” she sighed, her voice waving, part with relief and part with pleasure.

He was grinding his large manhood against her, it felt so hot on her skin. Part of her wanted it inside her, but another part was worried it would hurt to much. Her hand went back to his cock, gripping it and imagining what it would feel like inside her.

The gladiator groaned into her neck, his hips thrusting more now, grinding her up against the wall with every thrust. The feel of him grinding her against the wall with his hips, his musky, manly smell and the feel of his hard, muscular body was starting to over power her caution. Her breath was coming quick and her heart was pounding in her chest. She wanted to feel it inside her.

“Fuck me,” she panted in a whisper.

He raised his head from her neck and she gasped as she felt one of his large hands engulf her neck. Her hands flew to his wrist instinctively, trying to pull it away. What was he going to do? She was scared but she was sure he wouldn’t kill her like this.

He leaned forward so his mouth was next to her ear.”We fuck my way,” he told her softly, almost whispering.

She nodded quickly, finding it hard to talk or put up much resistance with the hand on her throat. She tensed up as she felt him slide his finger out of her. She relaxed slightly, she felt so empty now. He let go of her neck and she gasped, regaining some of her nerve.

“Now look here you…” she said heatedly, putting her hands on his chest, trying to push him away from her, with little success.

He was quick as lightning. He grabbed both of her wrists and pinned them to the wall above her head. She gasped with surprised. He had overpowered her so easily. Try as she might, she couldn’t budge her arms, no matter how hard she tried.

By Jupiter, he was strong. His hot, muscular body pressed her hard up against the cool wall of the cell. His hot cock was rubbing against her nether lips. She could feel her wetness trickling down the inside of her thigh. Her blood was pounding, and all of her resistance was melting away.

He pushed his hard cock against her pussy lips, she could feel it sliding inside her. She groaned as he pushed harder. It almost felt like she was being split in two. It was wonderful. Sandwiched between him and the wall, she writhed as he slid more of himself inside her. She groaned loudly as he filled her, inch by inch.

It kept going, more and more of it sliding into her. His cock was the biggest thing she had ever felt inside her before. More and more entered her, would it never end?

It felt like she had an arm inside her when he finally stopped. He started to pull out of her slowly. This made her groan and squirm under him, still pressed against the wall. He thrust back into her hard.

“Oh fuck!” she said, taken by surprise. She ground into him, trying to get more of that large cock inside her again.

He let go of her wrists and his hands went down to her breasts, squeezing them and pressing her into the wall. His thrusting was slow and hard, jolting her with ever thrust, making her whimper slightly every time.

She wrapped her legs around his waist.

He started to fuck her faster and harder. She could hardly hear anything over the sound of her panting and the pounding of her blood in her ears. She was so close cumming. She pulled his ass towards her with her feet on every thrust, encouraging him to go faster.

Her pussy was squeezing his cock with every thrust, and he responded by thrusting harder and faster.

She felt her orgasm start to wash over her. The warmth from her pussy spread all over her body, and her muscles tensed. Her mouth was opened in a silent scream and her eyes were clenched shut.

Her fingers dug into his back, leaving marks where she scratched him with her nails. Her pussy pulsed on his hard cock, squeezing and relaxing.

He panted hard and his ass was clenched tight with every thrust. Her pussy squeezed his cock tight and pushed him over the edge.

His hot seed squirted inside her with every thrust. Her waning orgasm picked up again with the feeling of his cum inside her, washing waves of pleasure through her body again, making her back arch.

They were both breathing hard and quick, the cell wall was definitely a lot colder than before when she leaned back against the it. Her legs were still wrapped around the gladiator, holding him inside her.

Their foreheads touched, and they looked into each others eyes. He grinned at her, and she couldn’t help but smile back too. There was a knowing sparkle in his eye that made her blush and look away.

That had been amazing and he knew it.

He seemed to know what was expected of him and he moved away from the wall. She unwrapped her legs from his waist, putting her feet back on the ground as he moved away from her, back towards his bed. She almost fell over when he let go of her. Her legs were still shaky after her ordeal.

She could still feel his gaze on her, drinking her naked body in. She knelt down as fast as her wobbly legs would allow and picked up her cloak that lay on the ground.

It was a lot cooler now. She didn’t know if that was from the air or from the eyes gazing at her. She stood and draped the cloak over her shoulders.

“Than-“, she stopped and cleared her throat. “Thank you for your… services,” she said. She felt the colour rising in her cheeks again.

He just nodded and smiled, folding his arms and leaning back against the wall again. His large cock, shiny with her juices, gleamed in the moonlight. She was still surprised she had fit the whole thing inside her.

“Guard!” she said loudly, turning sharply to the door.

There was a scraping of metal on wood and the door opened. Agrippina pulled the cloak closed tightly and stepped outside. Titus was standing outside, waiting for her. He held out a hand toward Agrippina.

“You did climax, I trust?” Titus asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

She blushed. She couldn’t bring herself to say anything as she took his hand.

He led her back out through the passage ways of the arena’s dungeons. The guards at the gate were different now, the moon was sitting a little lower in the sky now.

“Lets get you home, shall we?” Titus said with a grin as they headed down the road towards her villa.


3 comments on “The Gladiator – Short Story

  1. eroticexploration
    July 19, 2012

    A great story – I really enjoyed it!

    • maxravenscroft
      July 19, 2012

      Thanks, I wish I had some more time up my sleeve to sit down and a write a bit more for this character

  2. Nathanael Creveling
    February 13, 2013

    There’s no better way to practice the art of writing than to write a few poems and short stories. Have you ever tried your hand at them? It’s surprising the number of writers that have never done this. Instead they jump straight in with their first novel. *

    Newly released short article straight from our own web page

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